Friday, June 02, 2017

Wonder Women

It’s annoying that I think about things.
Fuck you Hon Chao, why did you introduce me to Dan’s Hardcore History
Now I believe there’s no good guys in wars
And when Wonder Women’s fighting the Germans, two things I thought about.
Firstly, how would WW know the first time he met that spy guy that he’s the good guy and the German’s the bad guys? The Amazonians basically killed all those man trying to take something back that the “thief” stole from them.
Secondly, if I’m a German watching this, how will I feel? They seem to be always the bad guys. The movie mentioned they had people starving too, it’s not like they weren’t shoot at. And gas weapons? Guess what, the British used it too.

Ahh, feels good writing this down. Bothers me so much I have all these conversations in my head with no one around me that would understand or appreciate these thoughts.

I also don’t wanna be THAT guy who talks as though he’s so atas and his thoughts are superior about these things.

If someone has passed through this mental phase, how would this person be like at the end of it? Would this person give up entirely on these forms of entertainments? I couldn’t enjoy it like how I would in the past because I was constantly analysing the moral messages (e.g. “I chose to believe in love” says WW. I was like WTF does that mean? How does that help!? Basically at that point, I thought WW was the more naïve, bimbotic person in the entire movie.)

And all those people SHE killed? How is that justified? The movie starts off with killing 10s of people to save one person. Like wtf?! Just because they are bad guys it’s ok? Pisses me off that’s how I think about things now.

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